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Memorial Service

We have an ongoing involvement with a number of churches in Sri Lanka from a variety of different streams. Jack Hibbert, our Lead Elder, supports churches and church leaders there with his teaching and prophetic ministry during his visits each year.

 Jack's visit to Sri Lanka.

Sunday Morning Worship at Holy Trinity Colombo


Pray for the Church in Sri Lanka and the God will continue to anoint and equip church leaders there.


Holy Trinity Church, Colombo              Praying for Roy 


                              Holy Trinity Church - Jack preaching

Worship HT 
                                                                    Children's meeting


Magaya Bible School                          Church in Kandy



                                 Seminar for leaders in Kandy


Calvary Church, Colombo                    Calvary Church, Colombo

Calvary Church Seminary 
Calvary Church Seminary

Calvary Church Seminary                  Mirihana Family Camp, Galle


 Mirihana Family Camp, Galle