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To build a vibrant, multi-national church with a desire to see our community changed by the love of God through Jesus, where every individual feels safe and cared for and where everyone can develop and use their gifting to benefit others.

God thoughts by some of our members!

South Harrow Christian Fellowship is a church seeking to express God's love through Jesus Christ to the local community and to each other. We preach God's truth from the Bible so that people can be built up in love, joy, peace and faith.

Meet some members:

AsishRishaneTinu profWilliam

My name is Zoe and I started going to SHCF as a baby because my parents were, and still are, members. I am a teacher at a local primary school and I am also a trained Play Therapist. I’m an only child and don’t have any extended family living in London and SHCF is my family. I love clothes, shopping, make-up, watching TV and films and spending time with my friends; but most of all I love Jesus.

Church is something I feel passionately about, I believe that we should aim to be as near to the church described in the New Testament in the Bible, where believers shared their lives together and worshipped God in Spirit and in Truth and I am glad that the members of SHCF feel the same way. A few years ago I was living abroad and couldn’t attend this church for a long time. I can honestly say the thing I missed most about being away from London was SHCF. I feel so accepted here and free to worship God in a way I feel comfortable. The Bible teaching is good and I find going to a cell group on a weekly basis very encouraging; I think these meetings challenge me to become more like Jesus. If you are looking for a church is this area or are just interested in finding out what Christianity is all about I encourage you to come along to our Sunday morning service and we’ll do our best to make you feel welcome.

hermanMy name is Herman. I am in my 40s and I work for a Bank as a Branch Manager. I love travelling and cooking and I am an ardent foodie. My wife and children all love watching cookery programmes and tasting different types of food. We have always attended South Harrow Christian Fellowship ever since we arrived in the UK in June 2006. Over the period of the last nine years it has become our extended family. When our church members feel adventurous, they let me experiment with my cooking at church functions.

Hi!  My name is Aish and I am a mom of two. I have been coming to SHCF for almost seven years now and that’s one thing the children and I always look forward to on a Sunday. I was saved about eight years ago and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. It feels absolutely amazing to know that I can count on God for anything. My life feels a whole lot refreshed since I’ve come to know the Lord. He is my true best friend.

Viv2My name is Vivien I was born in Manchester and moved
to London in the seventies with my husband.

I became a Christian in my teens after attending a youth camp and hearing that God loved me and that I could know him in a personal way.

When I came to London I started going to SHCF and have continued to do so. I find the meeting are God focused and the worship is great. I also work as part of a team that runs a weekly Kid’s Club.

I retired a few years ago and really enjoy doing all the things that I didn’t have time to do when I was working! My hobbies are doing Sudoku, sewing, and sometimes gardening. I enjoy going to the Theatre and going for long walks in the countryside. Knowing that God accepts me just the way I am helps me in my daily life.

My name is Kehinde Adeniyi aka. Kenny.  I am married to Tinu and we have two boys – Ireoluwa (David) and Onaopemipo (Emmanuel). I am an engineer. I joined South Harrow Christian Fellowship just over 10 years ago having been put in touch with the Church by a friend who lives in Dorking and attends a Newfrontiers church there. 

I love making things happen!  I grew up in a church-going family and was brought up morally by my parents and a very strict mum! I eventually became a Christian by accepting Jesus Christ into my life during my fourth year at University. Ever since, I have never looked back and God has proven Himself faithful to me in all areas of my life. I enjoy working with young people and I love to see them dedicating their time and energy for Jesus. SHCF is a family church and I feel really blessed to be part of that family. 

Shon, Rita and Shekina

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